Im Psychic -Test Customer Reviews:


I got 67%

I'm not sure if this is real or not but I think it's a hit and miss concept. It's all about guess work I think lol

It weird

I got 59% beat that

I like it

Hmmmm gotta look into this

I'm not psychic :-(:-(



I'm psychic!?!?;?!?!?!



Yes I loved it

Love it!

Great to keep practicing to enhance psychic abilities even further. I got 9 out of 10 cars right!

Cool game



Like not guessing pixels that will pop up on a not how reading things works..if there was an actual thing behind a curtain..i could feel it



When it comes to the questions it's very accurate. As for the rest... when it comes to touching a screen instead of the real thing, it doesn't mean that your not psychic!


Would be nice if it had proper English

The mini games are fun to play

There is no constant annswer

Predicting calculator random number was easier than these test. But somehow new in these stuffs. Thank you.


Load of crap

Not worth downloading .SO SORRY 😠

I'm a physic!!!

This is so awsome! I always know that I had some type if power then seeing the future and making things happen and bring sab and good luck.

Sucks horse penis

Great experience!!


The two games are real games that are used with psychics, it's not just another silly game, this one is the real deal, just because the games are too much colored, it doesn't mean, they're not real tests

It's a pretty good game

I got 59% on the test and 5 out of 10 on the mini tests! Some but, not all pretty well laget kind of game soa, I guess I am half physic? lol

When I downloaded it, it was russian

Im a psychic

Loved it

Yh good fun

Fun not true lol

Wow guess I'm am woot


Dumb bit what I was wantingat a

This is small application ,need more substance

Awesome it said I was phsykik

Dumbest thing ever.

This was so stupid.

I'm physic and I'm only 14 lol

Yesss. Let me guess three.

Not true but fun

I do have powers. But it says that i don't? Wut?

Awesome app


Not bad




I'M 100% PSYCHIC!!!!!


It's okay

I do like the tests. Very interesting.

Total crap uninstalled